Carbon Management

Take a strategic approach to carbon emissions reduction.

Energy and Carbon are different sides of the same coin. Energy inputs in business operations result in corresponding outputs of carbon emissions. Inefficient operations create energy waste, unnecessary costs and excess emissions. Given this close relationship between energy, costs and carbon; Coppervale believes that better energy management should be the primary focus to address a company’s carbon footprint.

Managing energy and carbon requires 1) an understanding of your operational energy sources, 2) a system to identify the best opportunities for implementation of efficiency solutions to actualize energy and emissions reductions, and 3) a comprehensive methodology to measure, monitor and report energy data. The data and systems knowledge acquired in the management process will prepare you to meet carbon reporting and disclosure requirements set by investors, the media and other stakeholders.

No matter where you are on your journey toward strategic carbon management, Coppervale can work with you to set you on the right path toward achieving immediate, positive bottom-line impacts as well as an enhanced brand reputation and improved market share.

Understand your operational energy and emissions profile.

Gap Analysis. We will determine if you have suitably detailed data to proceed with a carbon audit. If not, key areas that need to be addressed prior to an assessment will be identified.

Carbon Auditing. Our experienced carbon analysts will collect your energy, fuel, refrigerant and other applicable data to calculate your baseline carbon footprint according to the international standards of the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We are also prepared to conduct annual carbon audits or analyses of individual operations within the company (i.e. fleet, facilities, network).

Improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Carbon Targeting and Goal Setting. A target emissions reduction goal is the basis of a carbon management strategy which relies on carbon abatement methods, such as energy efficiency solutions, that should take into account the costs and benefits of achieving the agreed upon target goal. Coppervale can work with you to determine the appropriate medium- to long-term target emissions reduction goal based on sound business strategy.

Carbon Abatement Plan. The Coppervale Carbon Abatement Plan serves as a roadmap to guide you through the challenges of understanding where the “sweet spot” intersection of high regional energy rates and low operational efficiencies exists and what operational areas are responsible for breakdowns in efficiency in your business. The Abatement Plan targets the best opportunities for the implementation of energy efficiency solutions to realize the greatest energy and carbon savings across your operational footprint.

Measure, monitor and report your energy data.

Enterprise Carbon Management Software Solution. The carbon management industry is moving away from data management in ad hoc spreadsheets to strategic, enterprise-wide software solutions that streamline and maximize the benefits of energy and carbon data accounting. Our carbon consultants can advise you or help you procure enterprise software to measure and manage energy use, and report your carbon footprint.

Navigate public disclosure and reporting requirements.

Carbon Reporting Strategy. Coppervale begins by helping you determine how you ultimately wish to report your carbon footprint to your employees and other stakeholders. Whether you choose to simply disclose your company’s key performance indicators via your web site or select a third party for reporting assurance, we can help you design a strategy to meet your goals.

Corporate Carbon Reporting and Communications. Whether you produce your Corporate Sustainability Report internally and simply need help interpreting your carbon emissions numbers, or require the service of a consultant who will write, design and publish your report, we are your carbon-reporting partner.

Start reducing your carbon footprint to maximize your energy and cost savings opportunities today

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