Carbon Abatement

Maximize on your energy cost savings.

Uncover your best opportunities. Acting as a road map, the Carbon Abatement Plan can help steer you through the challenges of understanding where inefficiencies are prominent and what operational areas are responsible for the breakdowns in efficiency at your company. Using data collated by the carbon audit, the Plan identifies and prioritizes the best opportunities for efficiency project implementation at the “sweet spot” intersection of high regional energy rates and low operational efficiencies.

abatement sweet spot diagram

Prioritize actionable abatement options. Our method of prioritizing projects depends on assessing abatement solutions for annual energy savings possible, annual cost savings possible, their capital intensity, and their expected ROI. Additionally, carbon savings can be determined for the purpose of meeting the carbon target reduction goal.

Implement tactical solutions. Coppervale's technical experts will help you make the right choices and investments that help you realize immediate energy and carbon savings. Based on our industry experience, the following three strategies offer significant opportunity for increased energy efficiency, improved reliability and reduced risk in business operations:

Start reducing your environmental impact while you save money today.

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