Carbon Auditing

Baseline your carbon footprint to unlock savings potential.

Know where you stand. The carbon audit is the principle accounting tool that maps energy usage and associated carbon emissions across your company’s operational footprint. Coppervale uses the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard to generate a carbon impact report summarizing your direct and indirect emissions.

Coppervale’s Carbon Audit Methodology. We work with you to establish the appropriate reporting boundaries, select the most salient indirect operations to include in the assessment, collect all of the necessary data in a timely fashion, and deliver a final report and analysis detailing your carbon footprint baseline.

carbon audit methodology

Leverage the full analytical capacity of the carbon audit. Seen on another level, the carbon audit is a mechanism for collecting, recording and managing a variety of key energy facts, trends, and operational management characteristics of the company. Energy and carbon metrics can be developed from the raw energy data and operational management data derived from the carbon audit to serve as the basis of a Carbon Abatement Plan.

Gain “carbon fluency”. Reporting and disclosure of carbon emissions in the corporate world is both a growing governmental and stakeholder interest. Engaging in a baseline carbon audit allows you to control your own narrative and be prepared to respond to any of the following:

Find out where you stand today.

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