Facility Energy Efficiency

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The Challenge
Critical Facilities are significant contributors to electricity consumption in a cable system, representing 20-30% of the total electricity usage. As Operators expand bit-rates and services to customers, they are experiencing over 50% year-on-year growth in the data being carried through their Critical Facilities. To meet this service need, Operators need to place additional equipment and/or equipment with larger capacity into their facility infrastructure. Containing and minimizing the growth in electricity usage in facilities presents a real challenge for Operators, particularly in older, Edge and Core Facilities (E&CF’s) in their footprint.

Coppervale understand how service and data growth impacts Cable Operator’s Critical Facility infrastructure, and how to help Operators mitigate its impact on their energy usage. Coppervale employs a stepped process to help Operators understand their current state, set performance goals, create and/or develop programs to achieve improvement, measure improvement over time, and plan for the future.

Establishing Metrics
Proper and appropriate metrics provide Operators with a way to gauge overall operational performance. Coppervale has been an active contributor to the development of Critical Facility metrics for SCTE 213 specification published in 2015. We know these metrics, understand how to measure them, and most importantly, how to use them effectively to improve energy efficiency in the plant. As your partner, we will help you understand how to analyze Critical Facility energy data beyond these metrics for a deeper understanding of performance and opportunity.

Creating Baselines
A baseline establishes the “before” benchmark by capturing the total energy use and productivity prior to making improvements. By creating benchmarks, Operators can compare various facilities, evaluate on-going performance, and determine improvement opportunities.

Operationalizing the Metrics
You can’t improve what you don’t measure—it is important to continuously measure performance over time to understand the impact of any investment. Coppervale can convert your initial benchmarking into a Continual Measurement Process for the purpose of tracking and analyzing energy data. We will work with you to create company-wide KPI’s to drive and manage performance internally, and design tailored dashboards to report the information customized to your organization’s needs.

Our wide experience in auditing and analyzing Critical Facilities gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the E&CF energy profile. We use that expertise to operationalize measurement and reporting systems that reduce cost and impact on the company, while providing Operators with the critical data needed to manage and improve energy efficiency in Critical Facilities over the long term.

Using the Metrics to Drive Energy Efficiency in Existing Plant
Cable Operators are unique as their E&CF infrastructure typically contains many small facilities that house critical electronic equipment used for service delivery. Utilizing techniques and metrics outlined in the Operational Practice for SCTE 213, high-performing EC&F’s can be identified and best practice ideas can be leveraged across the enterprise. In the example above, Coppervale uses two metrics, Energy per Consumed Byte (EPCB, in kWh/TB), and Power Use Effectiveness (PUE), to characterize various facilities within a company’s footprint. We compare and rank-order performance, then identify the poorest performers for targeted action.

Characterizing and segmenting E&CF’s in this manner is important. While many sites may not need and/or warrant immediate attention, corrective actions on poor performing sites can yield immediate results and have a relatively short ROI. Coppervale can characterize your facilities quickly, and assist you in taking appropriate and timely action that truly is warranted and supported with proper economics.

Once targets are identified, Coppervale can work with you to audit and assess the poorer performing E&CF’s, and identify the potential opportunities for improvement. For example, improvements in facility HVAC and environmental infrastructure, and ensuring only necessary equipment is connected and being powered are considered “low hanging fruit” with a short ROI. This helps Operators channel capital to the best opportunities for savings.  

However, continued year-on-year growth in data generated and consumed will continue to stress Operators’ E&CF infrastructure, requiring a longer-term strategy. Coppervale can be your partner to incorporate energy efficiency into your E&CF network architectures and designs, facility upgrades, preventative maintenance routines, as well as day-to-day operational procedures to ensure energy usage and costs do not limit business in any way.

Start reducing your facility costs today.

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