Fleet Optimization

Build intelligence into your fleet to drive cost savings.

A company’s vehicle fleet represents a great deal of capital outlay and operational expenses. Outside of the cost to purchase the vehicles themselves, fuel, maintenance and upkeep represent primary, day-to-day costs that impact the business. An inefficient fleet generates energy and financial waste as well as harmful pollution and carbon emissions. Coppervale’s energy and carbon experts, in cooperation with fleet management specialists, can help you to better understand the symptoms of inefficiency in your fleet to generate actionable and impactful solutions to reduce fuel consumption, improve vehicle efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Benchmark your efficiency standards.

Understand your fleet baseline. Coppervale will conduct a Fleet Inventory and Fuel Consumption Analysis to establish an energy consumption and emissions baseline for your fleet as it currently stands. Additionally, fleet dispatch management characteristics and existing GPS or fleet telematics will be assessed to determine their appropriateness and applicability.

How well does your fleet stack up? Using the raw data from the baseline, Coppervale will generate customized energy efficiency and carbon metrics for the fleet that will act to benchmark your fleet relative to industry standards. Coppervale will use these efficiency metrics to create a scorecard to compare your fleet’s efficiency to those of your industry peers.

“Green” your fleet. Coppervale will work with you to reduce your environmental impact while generating cost savings by:

  • Establishing a framework for a cost and carbon effective fuel abatement program (see table below)
  • Researching alternative fuel vendors and third-party fleet management partnerships
  • Recommending best practices and proven resources to reduce costs AND emissions

Start reducing your fleet fuel expenses today.