Coppervale, an International energy efficiency and conservation consultancy, recently opened an office in Bellingham, Wash. Coppervale’s mission is helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint, lower energy expenses and initiate Green Branding strategies.

“Our goal is to help businesses take advantage of both the economical and ecological rewards of green business strategies,” said Paul Shmotolokha, President for Coppervale.

With offices located around the world, Coppervale draws its experience from the cable, telecommunications and renewable energy fields. This experience and know-how is focused on helping businesses analyze what types of energy they use and how much energy they consume. The outcome of the analysis would propel businesses to use less energy, cleaner energy and smarter energy.

“Both the economic climate and climate-change economics pose a growing necessity for companies to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability practices,” said Shmotolokha. “We are about making it simple and profitable. We start with a carbon audit, establishing a baseline for emissions and energy expenses.”

Coppervale enters this market at an important time, with increased attention being paid to minimizing our impact on the environment. The visibility of organization’s efforts is becoming more important and Coppervale has developed a comprehensive system for accomplishing financial and energy goals, while getting internal and external stakeholders involved to maximize the investment of time and money.

“After establishing a carbon baseline, we carefully tailor leading-edge green branding strategies to fit with your business model,” said Shmotolokha. “Being recognized by your customer as an environmental steward enhances your brand in ways that traditional brand building strategies cannot.”

Coppervale is an International energy efficiency and conservation consultancy with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. We help organizations reduce their impact on the planet, while maintaining or increasing their profit potential. And we take it one step further to maximize the return on investment by communicating Green successes.

It is possible to keep an eye on eco-smart options, while paying attention to the bottom line.

Bellingham, Wash. - July 20, 2009