carbonCoppervale Introduces Carbon as Energy Management Tool at SCTE SEMI Forum 2012.

On March 15, 2012, Coppervale joined industry experts from Cable MSOs such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable and vendors such as Alpha, Bloom Energy and Motorola to present at the SCTE Spring SEMI Forum 2012 in Philadelphia. The much anticipated event focused on the need for cable system operators, programmers, vendors and others to work together to embrace comprehensive energy management strategies.

Mark Coblitz, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at Comcast Corporation, stressed in his keynote speech that the industry needs to take the appropriate steps to address an energy imperative characterized by network expansion in the face of reduced energy availability and reliability. Coblitz stated that “We need to change the way we think about energy starting with the design phase.” He focused a call to action on vendors to “…think in terms of ‘energy efficiency by design’”.

These directives were echoed by industry representatives during a roundtable panel discussion at the Forum. Additionally, the panel members brought attention to the fact that energy efficiency is actually smart business and that it is important to both set a baseline of current energy consumption and determine a system of metrics by which to assess progress. Coppervale’s presentation, “Energy and Carbon Management for the Cable and Telecommunications Industry: Harnessing the Carbon Audit to Drive Efficiency and True Cost Savings”, pulled together all of these ideas and introduced an innovative and practical tool to kick start energy management in the industry.

Coppervale proposed to the SEMI Forum attendees that the solution to these business imperatives is to build business intelligence through the lens of carbon management. The carbon audit and carbon abatement plan act in concert to 1) map and set a baseline of the energy and resource usage of an MSO and 2) to serve as a tool to steer through the challenges of locating inefficiencies across the enterprise. The Abatement Plan in particular tells operators “where to go” and “what to do” in order to maximize on potential energy and emissions savings.

In these ways, “carbon” acts as a holistic tool for senior management to facilitate frequent measurement and metric development for comparison and benchmarking. At the same time, areas in need of energy efficiency solutions can be identified and addressed, thereby positively impacting the bottom-line.

To learn more, you can access the Coppervale Spring SEMI Forum presentation here or visit our web pages on carbon auditing and carbon abatement. For more industry feedback on Mark Coblitz’ keynote and the highlights of the event, check out this CED Magazine article.

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