Coppervale and SCTE release SMS 006: Cable Operator Carbon Data Collection Recommended Practice

In the spring and summer of 2014, Coppervale worked with several major North American MSOs through the Carbon Management Working Group of the SCTE Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS) to draft guidelines for conducting an enterprise-wide carbon audit.

These guidelines, now published, are based on the internationally recognized carbon audit standards of the World Resource Institute’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and have been tailored to provide guidance for the unique and physically complex operational practices of an MSO. The recommended practice provides details on identifying areas of highest energy consumption and offers best-practices on how to collect and track the required information.

Download the PDF Bulletin Here

ETSI anticipates completion of standards document by October 31, and publication date of November 28.

For additional information, please contact Patty Satkiewicz, Sustainability Consultant, Coppervale Enterprises, Inc. at 847-915-8307