Coppervale strives to bring our clients the most current ideas in the areas of energy, carbon, efficiency and sustainability. We are confident you will find these presentations from recent events helpful in your own strategic planning.


Energy 2020 Baseline – Setting the StageEnergy 2020 Baseline Setting the Stage

This paper was delivered at SCTE Cable-Tec EXPO 2015, and reviews the new SCTE 212 2015 standard which enables users to accurately establish an energy and cost baseline. It also outlines a data processing procedure for implementation and presents examples using actual operator utility data for energy management purposes.
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Energy-and-Carbon-ManagementEnergy and Carbon Management for the Cable and Telecommunications Industry

In this presentation by Andrea Thomas delivered at SCTE's Spring SEMI Forum 2012, we share how to build business intelligence through the lens of carbon management to drive energy efficiency, achieve cost savings and mitigate business risk.
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Data-Center-MetricsNew Trends in Data Center Metrics

In this presentation by Chuck Carroll delivered at SCTE's Fall SEMI Forum 2011, we describe the latest developments in Data Center metrics that are helping managers to better measure and monitor energy efficiency and sustainability in their facilities.
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reducing-Utility-CostsReducing Supply Side Utility Costs

In this presentation by Dr. Rene Spee and Lew Rakowsky delivered at SCTE's Spring SEMI Forum 2011, we share how to significantly reduce operating expenses through an audit and analysis of electricity purchasing.
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fleet efficiencyUtilizing Fleet Efficiency Metrics to Identify and Codify Best Practices that Reduce Costs and Carbon Emissions

Learn how Coppervale and Time Warner Cable partnered to establish a fuel baseline, generate energy and operational efficiency metrics for comparison, and capture best practices that reduce unnecessary service truck rolls and ensure vehicles are consuming fuel as efficiently as possible per truck roll.
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