Stakeholder Engagement

Building an culture of sustainability.

Communications. Ensuring your employees understand your sustainability allows for more coordinated actions. We offer communication planning, message development and internal brand campaign design to deliver critical information to your staff that raises awareness and builds excitement about your sustainability program.

Training. Helping employees understand their individual roles in your sustainability program is critical to its success. We provide tailored training formats that help your employees acquire new skills and behaviors.

Participation. Grass roots involvement helps employees have a direct impact on a company’s sustainability program. It can also yield innovative ideas. We work with you to establish networks of employee green teams to generate innovative ideas and help implement your sustainability plan.

Performance. Recognizing and rewarding employees who exhibit the kind of behavior you seek helps reinforce the values you believe in. We help you incorporate these measures into your HR processes so that you can retain and recruit the best employees. We also can establish ongoing monitoring and review programs to ensure success in your desired outcome.

Managing your external reputation.

As public concerns grow about the environment, more and more companies are inviting shareholders, customers, suppliers, NGOs and regulators to participate in a dialogue about sustainability. Engaging these external stakeholders helps strengthen relationships, proactively mitigate risk and manage reputations. We help you develop a strategic approach to each of your stakeholder segments, including:

  • Disclosing environmental performance to investors
  • Developing sustainability standards with industry trade associations
  • Providing community leadership
  • Driving innovation for customers
  • Greening your supply chain
  • Meeting government regulatory requirements
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