Supply-Side Energy Management


Coppervale analyst teams consist of cable and broadband professionals, utility experts and financial auditors who pioneered utility audit methodologies for the cable industry.We are unique because we understand cable critical infrastructure’s unique powering needs. As a result, our analysts can go beyond pure utility bill auditing and identify facility-based and OSP power supply savings that other firms cannot. Additionally, we will work directly with the utilities on your behalf to manage the end-to-end implementation of savings, while maintaining system reliability and integrity.

As your partner, Coppervale will reduce your supply-side costs by navigating the complex energy landscape with a holistic, data-driven approach that delivers:

    • Immediate Savings — Correction of billing errors and realization of tariff benefits
    • Rate Stabilization — Evaluation of usage and charges to reduce seasonal fluctuations and improve budgeting processes
    • Competitive Market Procurement — Consolidation of power purchases across business units and locations. Use intelligence and technology to solicit the best rate contracts


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