Utility Audits

Manage your energy supply to reduce operating expenses.

Coppervale will ensure you are paying the appropriate rates for the utility power you use. Whether your operations are based in regulated or deregulated energy markets, we have the experience to reduce your rates. You can download our presentation on the benefits of utility audits here.

Utility Bill Auditing. Our energy analysts will audit your utility invoices to ensure they are accurate. We verify that the billing structure is correct, check for possible overcharges and review any special charges or surcharges.

Tariff Analysis. Based on your energy usage patterns, we will recommend the tariff rate that best fits your company’s operational needs. In addition, we will make suggestions on how to reduce your demand to meet more favorable rate structures.

Utility Negotiations. As energy markets become more complicated, you need someone who understands the opportunities. Coppervale can negotiate with utilities on your behalf for better supply contracts.

Reverse Auctions. Deregulated energy markets create competition between energy providers. Coppervale can help you procure energy at the best available market price from reliable suppliers.

Start reducing your operating expenses today.


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