Sustainability Strategy

Managing risks and developing opportunities.

Coppervale believes sustainability is one of the most critical issues today. Organizations are faced with ongoing pressures and uncertainty due to a struggling economy, a dynamic legislative and regulatory environment, and increasing demand for environmental disclosure from media, public and investment sources. However, we believe that a proactive business approach can turn these pressures into competitive advantages. A smart sustainability strategy can create long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks from potential economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Corporate Governance. In order to make sustainability a corporate priority, leaders must embrace its principles. Coppervale helps leaders understand both the risk mitigation and value-creation potential of a sound sustainability plan. Then, we help expand their strategies to include sustainability thinking and initiatives that drive top line growth across their operations.

Sustainability Planning. Developing a clear plan for the organization to follow is one of the most important steps. Coppervale works collaboratively to establish clear, achievable and relevant sustainability goals. We also help develop performance metrics to track and measure implementation of these goals across the entire value chain.

Stakeholder Engagement. We believe an organization is more likely to achieve its sustainability goals by directly engaging its stakeholders in a collaborative process. Coppervale works with organizations to identify key sustainability drivers within each stakeholder group and then develop plans to effectively engage them.

Sustainability Reporting. Corporate reputation is built on trust and a proven track record. Once an organization has engaged its stakeholders, it’s important to remain accountable to them. Coppervale assists organizations in public sustainability reporting that is designed to build trust and enhance brand value.

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